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Organic lions mane liquid extract ratio 1:3 alcohol free tincture

Organic lions mane liquid extract ratio 1:3 alcohol free tincture

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Tame your mind with the power of nature's brain-boosting mushroom. Lions Mane Tincture is the organic, alcohol-free way to unlock the legendary benefits of this ancient medicinal fungus.

  • Supports memory, focus and cognitive function
  • Promotes nerve growth and protects against neurological decline
  • Boosts brain cell regeneration and communication
  • Organic, alcohol-free liquid extract for maximum potency

Harness the power of one of nature's most revered brain tonics. Lions Mane contains unique compounds that stimulate Nerve Growth Factor (NGF), which enhances learning, memory and cognitive abilities. Clinical studies show Lions Mane improves focus, information processing speed and overall brain health.

If you want to stay mentally sharp and boost your brain power, Lions Mane Tincture is your organic, alcohol-free ticket to next-level thinking. Experience the brain-boosting magic of this powerful medicinal mushroom extract.

Please do your own research and consult your physician before starting any herbal supplements
Organic lions mane liquid extract made with a 1:3 extract ratio 1 ml is equal to 333mg dried herb. made with vegetable glycerin and purified water and lions mane mushroom

This tincture is free from alcohol.

For dosage take 30-50 drops in water or your favorite juice 2-4 times daily as needed.

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